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For further information about classes, call Westport Yarns at (203) 454-4300.

Please check your calendar before signing up for classes!

For information on children's classes, call Westport Yarns at (203) 454-4300.

Our class schedules allow for an extra 15-30 minutes so you can choose your yarn at the beginning of a class. Of course, always feel free to come in and browse our wide selection during regular store hours.

Wish you had a knitting or crochet tutor? Call us to schedule a half-hour of tutoring with any one of our accomplished Westport Yarns staff. Learn to perfect a technique, knit on double pointed needles, knit in the round, cable, knit a buttonhole, pick up stitches, learn mattress stitch or make a bobble. You name it - and we will be happy to teach you. You will develop confidence and build you knitting and crochet skill repertoire. Don't let that one technique stop you from making your next project. Times are flexible and the cost is minimal. Why wait? $20.00

Classes are non-refundable and there are no make-ups for missed sessions. If Westport Yarns must cancel a scheduled class, students will receive a full refund.

Beginning Knitting

This one-hour class is perfect for the first-time knitter or someone who is revisiting knitting. This is an ongoing class where Margaret Peters will cover the basics:  how to cast on, knit, purl, and bind-off.The skill level of each class will be dictated by the students attending.

Fall classes

to be announced.

For beginner lessons this summer, call to book an individual lesson.


Cost:  $25

Sit & Knit/Crochet

Join your knitting community for Sit and Knit/Crochet. You will find it inspiring to see what others are knitting or crocheting. This is a time when the store is open to the community to come and be in the company of others who enjoy the same hobby that you do. Pick your favorite time to come, or come to both groups.



Thursday group meets


Thursday group meets
6:00- 8:00 pm

Our Compliments

I Love Laura

• Are you confused, frustrated, overwhelmed?

• Do you drop stitches at a whim?

• Are you in need of help?

• The answer to all your knitting questions are in this knit

group with Laura Eckel.


A casual group for help and inspiration for your knitting, crochet or weaving concerns. Come for help and guidance from Laura and enjoy in the camaraderie.

Please email Laura at lauraeckel.ilovelaura@yahoo.com if you are interested in attending.

Can’t wait to see you there!


11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Cost:  $25

Stitch and Chat

Pam Grushkin's Stamford based Stitch and Chat will now have an additional group time at Westport Yarns.

Beginners as well as more advanced knitters and crocheters are welcome to come to Stitch & Chat. 

At Stitch and Chat you choose what you'd like to do: project support, learn a new technique, learn or strengthen basic knitting skills, felting, socks, stash knitting, essential skills (follow-up to basic knitting skills), refine abilities in finishing, conquer advanced methods, embellishments, cables, and pattern stitches.

Developing confidence knitting and crocheting is even more fun when we do it together!

Please email Pam at


if you are interested in attending.


9:00 am -

11:00 am

Cost:  $25

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast club will meet the first Sunday of the month. It's a time to relax. Pam Grushkin will help you with existing projects and/or give advice on new projects. Come exchange ideas and see where the time takes us.

Please email Pam at


if you are interested in attending.



First Sunday of each month

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Cost: $12


$10 per class with the purchase of any 3 of this ongoing series of classes.

Weaving Studio

If you weren't warped already, you'll be warped now!

Beginners and advanced beginners are welcome in this comprehensive class with Laura Eckel.

If you are a complete beginner, you will learn the different parts of the loom, the terms used in weaving, how to warp the loom, determine the amount of yarn to use in your project, weave, and remove the project from the loom.

If you have taken weaving before you can review warping and/or try new ideas.

Class size is limited to 4 people.


We recommend the 2 session classes

Session 1:


June 8, 22

9:00 am -

12:00 pm

Session 2:


July 13, 27

9:00 -

12:00 pm





For 2 session workshop -

Cost:  $90

For follow up single session

workshops -

Cost: $45

Any Which Way You Can

Multidirectional Tank Top

Axil  by Norah Gaughan is a multidirectional tank that challenges your sense of which end is up.  “Almost seamless, starting from the lace panel in the center, the knitting is turned, picked up, and knitted from the center out, creating a v-neck, geometric tank top.” Pam Grushkin will teach you how to read a simple lace chart, pick up stitches, and graft stitches. It’s all action packed into this cute tank.      

Saturdays, May 17, 31, June 14, 21 

9:00 – 11:00 am  

Cost: $95


Kumihimo Bracelet Class

Noreen Hammond

Any Skill Level

Kumihimo is an ancient Japanese form of braiding and bead weaving.  Create a beautiful bracelet using size 8 seed beads while learning to braid on a foamdisk.

No previous beading knowledge is necessary; students should be able tocomplete the bracelet in class and leave with the tools and knowledge to create bracelets and necklaces using any type of bead.

A beading kit will be supplied by the teacher which will contain the beads (several color choices), stringing material, wire and clasp needed to complete one
bracelet.  Students should bring a kumihimo foam disk with 8 plastic kumihimo bobbins.



September 21

10:00 am -

3:00 pm

Cost: 120

Entrelac Workshop


Ever look at projects featuring entrelac and think “I wish I could do that”. Now you can! Entrelac is an interesting technique that adds dimension to any knitting. Julie Van Norden will teach you how to pick up stitches along an edge and knit in the opposite direction. Your work will look like woven strips of knitted loveliness!


July 22

6:30 - 8:30 pm

Cost: 35

Introduction to Lace Knitting

Pam Grushkin

Advanced Beginner: must know how to knit and purl

Does the idea of knitting lace scare you?  There is a common misconception that lace has to be knit on the smallest of needles and the thinnest of yarn.  Lace can be as easy or as difficult as you choose. 

There are beautiful patterns for lace cowls, scarves and shawls in different weight yarns and levels of difficulty.  In this class you will learn the lace knitting basics: paired decreases, yarnovers, centered decreases, working from charts, and reading your knitting. We will also discuss casting on/binding off for lace and blocking your work.


July 23

6:30 - 8:30 pm

Cost: $35

Linen Stitch Workshop

The Linen Stitch creates a woven look which is further enhanced when you use 3 or more colors. The Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf is a perfect project for experimenting with this stitch. Any variegated fingering weight yarns will do. Pam Grushkin will introduce you to the linen stitch, give you time to practice it, and assist you with picking out colors for the scarf.   


July 28

6:30 - 8:30 pm


Cost:  $35

Decipher the Code - Pattern Reading

At first glance, knitting instructions can look completely daunting. They are written in a different language and contain all sorts of techniques and abbreviations that can make you want to turn tail and run. 

In this workshop, Pam Grushkin will teach you how to decipher knitting patterns.  You will go through a pattern from materials through all those asterisks and brackets and you learn where to look for the information hidden within. 

With a little bit of help you can learn the basic knitting terms and feel empowered to decipher patterns on your own.


July 30

6:30 - 8:30 pm

Cost: $35

Picking up Stitches ~

Neat Necklines

Pam Grushkin

Advanced Beginner: must know how to knit and purl

Pick up and knit or pick up stitches. What do they mean?  How do you do it? This line of directions can be found in a pattern to add a neckband, a button band, or sleeves at an armhole (to name a few).  In this class we will focus on neat necklines.  You will how to pick up stitches, figure out how to estimate the number of stitches to pick up, and avoid unsightly holes.


August 2

6:30 - 8:30 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Cost: $35

Cast On!

Most knitters know the long-tail cast on. But there are dozens more! Julie Van Norden will discuss the benefits (or detriments) of various cast ons while adding to your repertoire. Cable, lace, German twisted, channel island, picot edge, even the dreaded provisional cast ons will be covered.


August 12

6:30 - 8:30 pm

Cost: $35


Gauge Workshop

For most knitters, gauge is a 4 letter word. When you are excited about a project no one wants to take the time to do a proper gauge. But it is an essential part, perhaps the most essential of creating any garment. Julie Van Norden will discuss how to do a proper gauge, how to adjust your needle size to obtain he right gauge and how to adjust your stitches should your gauge be slightly off.



August 19

6:30 - 8:30 pm

Cost: $35

Advanced Beginner Techniques

In this class, Margaret Peters will introduce the Long Tail, Knitted and Cable cast on methods, knitted cables and simple lace stitches.

to be announced

Cost $35

Continental Knitting

Become a knitting superhero and learn how to knit faster and more efficiently than you ever have before. Continental knitters hold their yarn with their left hand versus English knitters who hold their yarn in the right hand. Continental knitting lends itself to a more fluid movement where the yarn is waiting to be “picked” as you move along. You don’t have to stop and “throw” your yarn. Pam Grushkin will teach you how to knit and purl in the Continental style. Think of all those projects in your queue, waiting to be knit! Your productivity will increase! Isn’t a brief period of awkward fingers while learning this new skill a reasonable trade-off for a lifetime of quicker knitting?

to be


Cost: $35

Beginner Socks on 4 Needles

Have you often wondered at the miracle of the turned heel? Pondered the clean marvel of the grafted toe? Do you feel that if the world had warmer feet it would be a better place to live? Then this class, my friend, is the class for you! Over the course of 3 classes Julie Van Norden will introduce you to the mysteries of knitting socks on double pointed needles. By the end you will be tossing around terms like "gusset" and "kitchener" to the awe of your friends! But beware! Socks are addicting...

to be


Cost: $65

Crochet for Knitters

Any Skill Level

Crochet is an incredibly useful skill for the knitter. This beginner class is designed for those with little or no crochet experience.   During this 2 hour session, Pam Grushkin will teach you how to bring the power of the crochet hook to your knitting:

  • Single Crochet
  • Finishing details: “No sew” seams, tighten loose necklines, and finish your knits with crocheted borders.
  • Crocheted provisional cast ons.
  • Using your crochet hook to fix mistakes.

to be announced

Cost $35


582 Post Road East, Westport, CT 06880 p:203.454.4300